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    All over the city of Garland, concrete work is constantly being done in order to develop our city’s infrastructure and create new residential and commercial buildings, concrete driveways, patios, and sidewalks. Our mission as one of the best concrete contractors in Garland, TX is to be an integral part of your vision in building your next project.

    If you’re looking for a reliable concrete company in Garland, TX, Garold Concrete Contractor is at your service.

    Why Garold Concrete Contractor?

    • Professional – We bring a complete list of concrete services for residential & commercial services to the table, we are confident in completing your projects in a professional and timely manner. Whether it be laying a new concrete driveway, stamped concrete patio, flooring, sidewalk, or repair work we have done it all.
    • Local – We are a Garland, Texas-based business, having experience in basically every type of project while abiding by the rules and regulations as laid out by the city officials.
    • Specialists, not generalists – We specialize and provide quality workmanship in foundations, sidewalks, patios, pool deck, and driveways. As concrete contractors, we have completed numerous stamped, stained, and colored concrete projects. Conventional steel reinforcement, concrete slabs, concrete flooring, demolition, and Bobcat work for both general contractors and homeowners.
    • Exceptional Customer Service – Our goal as one of the premier Garland concrete contractors is not only to aim for complete customer satisfaction but also to give them peace of mind knowing they will receive exactly what we agreed upon. We stand firmly behind our concrete construction work and ensure every concrete job is completed to our client’s satisfaction.
    Concrete Contractor in Garland, TX

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    Our Garland Concrete Construction Services

    As a Texas concreting company we provide varying degrees of concrete services ranging from remodeling, and concrete floors to concrete driveways, foundation repair, and concrete patios. Below are three of the most prominent services we offer to our Garland customers. If you have any questions regarding a particular service do not hesitate to give us a call (972-645-6860).


    Stamped Concrete Patio

    Whether you'd like to replace a cracked, aging, or sunken concrete patio or you'd like to build a beautiful, sprawling back deck for your pool, then our team can pull it off! We have a reliable crew to complete projects of all kinds, including concrete patio installation in Garland, TX.

    When it comes to concrete patios, our concrete construction team knows precisely how to install a quality product that you'll get years of use from. We start our builds by meeting with you, getting an idea of how you envision it, and determining where and in which shape you'd like it built. We also take time to assess the quality of soil we will be building on since improper installation can eventually result in a shifting and/or cracked concrete patio in your Garland home.

    Concrete patios and decks can be as simple as a bare slab or as intuitive as a stamped or decorative or colored to match your home or building and we can even apply decorative concrete finishes as well to spice up your concrete so it's not so drab and boring. In terms of repair, a stamped concrete patio can develop cracks over the years, especially if it wasn't framed and poured correctly. If not addressed in a timely manner, it can become larger as the ground continues to settle and move.

    Concrete Driveway install in Garland, TX

    Concrete Driveways

    If you have a concrete driveway that's cracked, sunken, and uneven, we can quickly and effectively repair your driveway by leveling the concrete, rather than tearing out and replacing it.

    Whether you're tired of coming home to an old and boring concrete driveway or you are having a new home built, we have the right expertise to install and lay a new driveway specific to all your concrete needs.

    So if you have an uneven driveway that is needing to be repaired or you need a new concrete driveway, get in touch with us today for a free non-obligatory quote! We understand anything concrete is a relatively larger project than anything else you may have done around the home, so we make it a point to appoint a dedicated concrete contractor for your specific construction project.

    Concrete repair of a walkway in Garland, TX

    Concrete Repair

    As durable a material as concrete is, just like every other material, it has the potential to wear out and take damage over time. Concrete repair jobs can be broken up into three types:

    • Crack repair - Oft-used surfaces such as concrete patios and concrete driveway can start to show cracks over time. We use our proprietary solutions to fill in or resurface the cracks.
    • Spalling - These occur on the top layer of driveways. Spalling is caused by an improper drying or curing process where there is either too much water or not enough of it. Spall offs are caused by freeze-thaw damage. Since both are just on the top layer of driveways, it can be fixed with a good coating or concrete overlay.
    • Unevenness - This is the least likely to happen out of the three, but when it does happen it requires the most amount of work to correct. Here, when the subgrade shifts, a slab or two are likely to either rise or sink. This is usually brought up in our foundation repair services. An effective solution is what we call mudjacking (also known as slab jacking) to make things even again.

    Stamped concrete patio in Garland, TX

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    How to select the right Garland TX concrete company for you?

    Concrete company in Garland, TX

    Trying to find top concrete contractors in Garland TX (or surrounding neighborhoods and cities) to take on as well as finish a construction job can be fairly time-consuming. We listen to many tales from our clients on this very thing so we get it. Now, instead of telling you exactly how excellent we are as construction contractors, we would like to give you as much helpful info as feasible to assist you in making the best contractor selection for your concrete job.

    When choosing a concrete business here are a couple of variables to take into consideration.

    These 3 aspects will help you eliminate a big piece of the suitors because regrettably, construction businesses are difficult to find in Garland that fill all those criteria.

    We welcome you to do similar research on us. We, Garold Concrete Contractor, are confident in what you will discover.

    You will discover that we have been a neighborhood concrete company for the last 8+ years, serving Dallas and Collin counties as well as the Fort Worth area. We provide both commercial and residential solutions at the best optimal cost you will find in all of North Texas (as well as probably all of Texas). We have taken on as well as completed numerous jobs including results such as custom concrete outdoor living installations, concrete driveway repair work, and also stamped concrete construction solutions.

    What to ask concrete contractors?

    • Local Pros?

      First and foremost you want to keep an eye out for where the contractor is located and what areas they service. This is important because not only will you be able to contact them conveniently, a local concrete company is most likely to complete the task in a prompt, effective, as well as top-quality way as they are actually based out of your area.

    • Specialist or Generalist?

      Second of all, you will want somebody who is a construction specialist, not a general contractor, in the sort of task you are requiring aid in. What you do not want is a basic contractor or a jack of all trades. With an expert, you obtain someone that has fine-tuned their craft over several years to a factor that they are now described as one of the premier local Garland concrete contractors to work with. True professionals are the ones that can run numbers such as square footage pricing off the top of their heads without needing to 'get back to you'.

    • General perception

      Lastly, you want to check for their overall credibility. Now you might currently do this already but it is essential to check their online reputation and reviews to guarantee what you have actually found on them thus far resonates with their previous customers as well as consumers. Likewise, look for exactly how the business manages inadequate consumer experiences - are they the type that throws their customers under the bus, or are they courteous in accepting the negative responses as well as resolving the circumstance in a gracious fashion.

    Any good concrete business can walk you through the details of what’s to be expected, but what do you ask when they arrive at the end of their explanation with “Any questions?”. Usually, it’s returned with a “Nope, all good”, only to find a few surprises later down the line. So, we have compiled a few questions to help you get further clarity on your next construction project.

    What is your general experience with similar concrete projects?

    Do you utilize high-end products?

    Do you have any concerns about the project location?

    Concrete patio in Garland, TX

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